Real estate and property management :
 services and advices

You're english-speaking and you have just moved to our lovely region
or you simply feel uncomfortable with our language and french administration.
You need a real expertise on the local market.

Take advantage of our recommendations and get personalized advices.
simplifies your real estate projects

  • Get help to rent your home.
  • Assistance for inventory.
  • Want to buy a new house.
  • Legal redactions.

  • Administrative procedures and information researches.
  • Assistance and translations during meetings.
  • Each assistance will be translated and explained.
  • ...


For example :

Robert and Debbie TAYLOR, in their forties, felt under the spell of Morbihan during a summer vacation in 2003.
Settled since 2012 in St Philibert with their 2 children, Lindsay and Trey, they have to face every day language barriers
and complexity of french administration. However, they have lots of projects: they are actually renters and would love to buy
a fixer upper traditionnal brittany's house. And Debbie would like to dedicate herself opening an antique store.
They need to be joined by a local translator during rendez-vous with local administration,
visits, meetings with craftsmen, solicitor, etc...
NOZIERES CONSEILS will provide all necessary recommendations in their language.

Recommandation & services from 350 €
Tell me what you need and I will supply you with a custom quote